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  • Financial difficulties should never be a hurdle for someone desiring education and I want to do whatever I can in this direction.

    Ms. Indira Sankaran

  • Always wanted to help in educating children as they are the future

    Ms. Anupama Sivakumar

  • I came to Chennai in Oct 2008 and after we settled down, I have been teaching English free to children who cannot afford coaching but who need to attain some working proficiency in the language. It gives me immense pleasure to share my knowledge with those who are looking for such opportunities but cannot bear the costs associated with it. Volunteering is nothing but an extension of my belief that I should help society at large, give back something to it so that others can benefit.

    Altius Foundation’s Gift a future is an outlet to fulfill my objective of volunteering. It could have been any such organization, but I happened to know that they are dedicated and committed to take on the task of helping sections of society which need financial support, care and empathy desperately. I feel they are channelizing their effort in the right direction to reach such goals.

    My association has been short but my work so far has given me the opportunity to understand why we as educated middle class should come forward in whatever way to help the economically deprived sections of the society. It has strengthened my conviction that each one of us should help and assist in uplifting the weaker sections. There are children who hold great promise but will be unable to fulfill their dreams just because their parents/guardians are not in a position to provide for their education. We should not let this happen.

    Mr Jayaraman - Volunteer

  • I had taken voluntary retirement from service in 2005. Since then, I have wanted to use my time to its fullest. That is when I approached Bhoomika Trust and through them Altius Foundation for rendering voluntary service. Mrs. Ranga Kumar had brought me in contact with them after I had expressed my desire to volunteer with a NGO.

    My volunteering work at Altius Foundation’s Gift a future includes creation of database for educational projects such as compiling a list of schools from which students are identified to avail the benefits of the projects. This involves computing the total number of students who are linked to the project directly.

    I am keen on involving myself with other projects that will be undertaken especially, Gift a Future that is aimed at upliftment of the lives of students from economically deprived backgrounds. The project concentrates on children who are capable and efficient, yet who don’t get an opportunity to pursue their dreams of accessing good education for want of financial assistance.

    Mr Sampath Rajagopalan - Volunteer

  • A light evening conversation with one of the team members of Gift a future stirred my urge to make a small contribution to this initiative. It has given me immense satisfaction to see the project roll out well, but I have also been shocked at some of the revelations. While we boast of top scorers and achievers in big metros, there is deserving student strength in the districts who despite their very weak economic status; some even first generation learners who score so well and hardly get any recognition. At the other end there are so many early dropouts from school who have been forced to discontinue school for financial reasons or lack of family support. Many of the children have lost one or both of their parents at a young age due to ill health which highlights the need for these children to have good health to be able to lead normal lives and care for their families. Some children have been abandoned by their parents, which throws up the need to make these children responsible human beings. With education we hope these children would get a holistic development, build on their strengths, are able to distinguish between the right and the wrong, value hard work and make no compromises.

    There has been a whole team which has done commendable work on approaching the schools, interacting with the children and parents and coordinating with the respective schools. More hands make light work and we look forward to the support of many individuals to be able to empower more and more students from economically deprived backgrounds to better their lives and lessen the divide between the have and the have-nots.

    Ms. Vidya Easwaran - Volunteer

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